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    become acquainted with your clients
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    Instore-Analytics enables you to monitor your
    client’s behavior in real time.

    Maximize your business through the real
    time system monitoring of your clients.

    How can I manage my store?

    who are my customers?

Relevant company data will be grouped in a same place, all staff will have access to this Information. This information may be used to make questions, reports or data analysis with complex processes.
Distribution network will be optimized under an automatic system of replenishment. This system will inform you about the amount of product needed and when product should be replaced. This system will ensure you that stores always have a minimum stock and will minimize the cost related to warehousing.
Instore-Analytics provides you information about the check out in shops. Thanks to this information you can optimize the number of cash registers opened.
Shopping baskets will be analyzed to provide important information about most demanded products. This information will help cross-selling strategies, placement and trend forecasts.
This system allows you to implement personalized loyalty plans according to shopping patterns..
This system allows you to analyze customer behavior depending on how they make the purchase. Through the information obtained, marketing campaigns will be more effective than the traditional marketing campaigns.
Thanks to Smartphone technology you will know your clients flow in your stores, detecting movement routes, concentration areas and points of interest. This information allows you to implement dynamic marketing plans in real time, while customers are moving in the store.
how it works
Campaign Effectiveness
Measure ROI for each marketing campaign.
Successful merchandising
Measure effectiveness of retail merchandising strategy.
Customer segments
Build a customer loyalty profile by visit flows (time of day, visit frequency and the amount of sales).
Response to promotions
Measure how customers response to promotions, changes in location layout and other initiatives to improve their experiences.
Grow Revenue
To find the opportunity in bestsellers products and to know what products need to be modified.
Full Shopper Funnel
How convert opportunities to visits, to engaged, to shoppers and to repeat customers.
Queue strategy
Identify patters of shopper queuing.
Managing store staff
Properly align staff allocation to customer demand, improve the service and lower labor cost.
People conversion
Measure and improve the conversion rate.
Successful window displays
Measure effectiveness of window displays strategy.

we provide you the information that you need about your clients.

about us

PRAGSIS TECHNOLOGIES was founded in early 2004 as an answer to a clear demand of IT professionals who have the required vocation, experience, expertise and know-how in this ever-changing domain.

In order to guarantee the quality and success of our projects, Pragsis is comprised 100% by computer engineers.

Pragsis Bidoop is specialized in Big Data, nowadays one issue that concern top managers. Pragsis is the principal partner of Cloudera in Spain. About Hadoop, Pragsis Bidoop had integrated a wide range of tools that conforms the Big Data platform, called Bidoop.

Pragsis Bidoop offers many innovative and revolutionaries products, thanks their Bidoop platform, that allows the process of massive information, giving answers to new needs in Big Data world. Now you can know more about what really matters.






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